Zangs Films was founded out of the desire to tell great stories in new ways.
Octave Zangs Cinematographer and Director of Photography at Zangs Films

Octave Zangs

CEO / Director & Cinematographer

While working as a designer, Octave started shooting snowboarding and surfing in Europe, which led him to have his work showcased in renown publications. In mid-2014, when the opportunity presented itself, he took the leap and moved to California to create his own film production company. He is also an experienced music producer and passionate fly fisherman.

Jason Fitzgibbon Photographer at Zangs Films

Jason Fitzgibbon

Director / Photographer / Wildlife Biologist

Jason is a self-taught photographer and professional wildlife biologist based out of coastal Southern California. Through social media platforms, Jason's work is observed and enjoyed by thousands of people worldwide. As a result, he has established many relationships among those in the outdoor and lifestyle industries that wish to promote their product through adventure-oriented photography.

Sage Brown Cinematographer and Aerial Specialist at Zangs Films

Sage Brown

Art Director / Aerial Cinematographer

Sage is a photographer and art director based in Portland, Oregon. Raised in the Appalachian mountains of Virginia, he began exploring the woods behind his home at a young age. As an avid fly fisherman, climber, and runner, Sage embraces the natural world at every opportunity. With photography and film, Sage captures the spirit of the moment in an authentic fashion. He brings a unique perspective to storytelling through thoughtful design and a deep connection and appreciation for the outdoors.

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